About GRP

Fibreglass or GRP is a versatile material that can be used for a wide range of product applications. With it's unique qualities it is set apart from conventional materials which means it is a popular choice in a variety of environments.

What are composites? - composites are also referred to as reinforced plastics, featuring a reinforcing fibre within a polymer matrix. Often this matrix is strengthened with the addition of fibreglass. The Polymer matrix is a thermoset resin with polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins. Other resins can also be introduced depending on the application and necessity.

Why should I choose GRP?

Flexibility - Fibreglass is versatile by it's very nature, it is lightweight and durable which makes it a popular choice with manufacturers and designers alike. Fibreglass features in a number of industries including marine, aerospace, defence applications, leisure and travel, construction and automotive. It is hard wearing without being too heavy whilst low maintenance and ideal for architecture projects.

Creative - Be creative! The versatility of fibreglass means you have the ability to create virtually anything. It can simply and effectively be tooled, moulded or manufactured to any specification. Which is why it's easy to see why it's so popular with designers.

Affordable - Value for money is the priority in any company. As well as offering functional style fibreglass is also a cost effective choice. When you are looking to save money, GRP like no other material offers the freedom to create designs which match your requirements as well as being an affordable alternative to conventional materials.

Style in abundance - Appearance is important with any material but whilst in their moulds fibreglass components can be gel coated with a flat, semi gloss or high gloss finish in any colour of your choice. There is no need for any additional painting and the durability of the gel coats makes them a better alternative to paint especially in corrosive environments. There are no limits on finishes, textures or colours which allows you to easily achieve the appearance you desire.

Durable - Fibreglass has a high strength to weight ratio which makes it lightweight yet durable. However any fibreglass design can have added reinforcement for extra strength if required. Fibreglass is weather resistant which makes it the perfect choice for external applications versus conventional materials and due to it being moulded the finish you achieve is sleek and impressive especially compared to working with sheet metal or wood.

A long and easy life - As fibreglass is  a non-corrosive material it has a long life expectancy. Fibreglass is an excellent alternative to metal, wood and plastic as unlike the aforementioned it can be resistant to UV rays, salt air, extreme temperatures and chemicals as you require. Being chemically inert and non-corrosive it means it is a effective alternative to stainless steel. So if you are concerned about the maintenance and cost of replacements and repairs associated with other materials fibreglass is the right choice for you. GRP wont rust or rot or deteriorate over time so require very little maintenance. It can also be used as a great sound insulation as an alternative to plastic or metal and additional 'sound deadening' can be achieved by adding layers of material to create your perfect match.

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